Friday, December 7, 2007

KR Connect: NZRU: two fantastic choices

KR Connect: NZRU: two fantastic choices

Let them prove it on the field

Those who know about New Zealand rugby will understand our current anguish.

Do we oust the current coach who failed us at the rugby World Cup, or do we let him use his experience and win the cup in 2011?

I had an idea where the coaches prove themselves on the field (sorry if it sounds like Survivor - All Black island). The idea is that the coaches take turns picking players from a pool. They then have a week to coach a winning team.

The coaches teams play it out (like the possibles vs the probables in the old days) and the winner gets the job.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Movember 2007

Even though I had lots of positive comments, encouraging me to keep the horseshoe mo, I decided it was time for it to go.

I was tempted to take up an offer to wax it off for $1,000, but wimped out.

I was proud to be part of the effort that raised over $1.5 million!

At the beginning of the month I set a goal and I exceeded this.

That’s the amazing thing about goals - when you know what you’re aiming for in any part of your life you are more likely to get it.

It’s not to late to sponsor my Mo.

Please go to, enter my registration number which is 87413 and your credit card details.

A big THANKS to everyone who has sponsored the Mo so far!