Sunday, September 11, 2011

My 10 favourite iPhone apps

Obviously the 3 main functions of the iPhone are hard to do without - the Phone, the iPod & Messages.

Yesterday I noticed that the most popular camera on Flickr is now the iPhone 4! They say the best camera is the one you've got with you when you need to take a photo & I guess that is often the camera phone.

In addition to these, my 10 favourite iPhone apps are:

1. Hipstamatic - I love the surprise of the photo, especially using the random mode. It captures a look & feel that I really like. It does all the post-production & the results are great.

2. Scrabble - I was never a fan of word games until I found the scrabble app. Each game is quite short & fills in those moments where you want to have more than mindless fun. I've even learnt some new word - just no idea what they mean.

3. Safari - OK, so it's not really an app, but it's impossible to get the information I want, when I want it without Safari on the iPhone. It just works so reliably well.

4. Flashlight - This has saved my life a few times when trying to navigate slippery or narrow steps at night. It launches quickly & is bright enough to guide my way.

5. Geocaching - Ok so I'm a bit of a nerd, but an outdoor nerd. It's fun going on a treasure hunt to find a hidden logbook. This app makes it easy to find these treasures without much forward planning. The app is expensive compared to others, but cheap compared to buying a GPS.

6. Tomtom navigation - Another expensive GPS app, but invaluable to tell me where to go. I haven't bought any voices yet, but it would be great to get a Star Wars character to navigate me through the universe.
7. Facebook - I'm not the biggest facebook user, but I like to stay connected with who is doing what & this app (although quite basic) does most of what I want.

8. Simpleminds - This is a great little brainstorming app that is free to download, then if you like it, buy it for more functionality. I use it for lists, notes & exploring ideas.

9. Angry birds - What list would be complete with Angry Birds. Epic, awesome & fun. Each level is quick, simple & engaging. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new app where the pigs revolt... maybe it could be Revolting pigs!

10. Quickpix - Sometimes the iPhone camera isn't fast enough. Quickpix is the camera that should've come with the iPhone. It can even take a picture as soon as you launch the app so you never miss a moment.

It's hard to stay up to date with the daily changing world of the iPhone app store. but these 10 have stood the test of time & I would definitely recommend them to download from the iPhone app store.