Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quantum of Solace - no spoilers!

The latest James Bond movie continues where Casino Royale left off. I suggest watching Casino Royale before watching Quantum of Solace so that you are familiar with the story & characters.

Make sure you show up on time - one of the best action sequences is the beginning.

You may be a little disappointed if you are expecting this movie to be as good as the last - but this James Bond is raw and intense with lots of blood.

It's a full on experience - so stay alert to keep up with the action. Just expect more of a Jason Bourne experience, rather than a traditional James Bond film.


Lay blame or accept responsibility

Australia thought they could just show up & win the Rugby League World Cup, but fortunately New Zealand had different plans.

Rather than accept defeat gracefully, the Australian coach, Ricky Stuart, decided to blame the referee.

New Zealand has been in a similar position of blaming the referee when the All Blacks were eliminated in the playoffs in the Rugby World Cup after France scored off a (suspected) forward pass.

Laying blame is one of the most disempowering activities we can perform. If we want to move forward & grow, we are better to accept responsibility, learn and then move on.

There will always be someone or something to blame - or we can accept responsibility & move on, a better, stronger, more empowered person.