Saturday, March 31, 2007

Make money and feel good!

Last year I was collecting for the local stroke foundation, giving away stickers for each donation.

I ran out of stickers and attracted the most donations for a single collector.


By "selling" good feelings.

Like a street seller, I was calling for people to donate and in return feel good for the whole day!

Companies that understand how to tap into these "good feelings", can do well financially by selling more product/ service and charging more for their product/ service.

For instance, if I was given the choice of 2 chocolate bars and 1 was 10% dearer however, it stated that it supported fair trade, I would buy that brand every time.

So you can save the world profitably and ethically!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Great sales lesson

It happened so seamlessly that I wished I had videoed the moment so I could see the "moment of truth".

My podiatrist had me buying a $550 pair of inner soles before I knew what had happened. OK, so the inner soles are custom made, but even so, the sale had been rung up before I'd even registered.

How did he do it?

  1. In a position of authority

  2. He recommended an action

  3. Described the consequences of taking the action

  4. Advised the negative results of not taking the action

  5. Assumed the advice would be followed
Now to come up with the $550. Mind you, he didn't charge me for the sales lesson!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dick's lessons

I had the pleasure of hearing (and learning from) a very entertaining Dick Tayler, winner of the 1974 10 kilometre gold medal at the Christchurch Commonwealth Games.

His success story can be applied to life, business and sales.

It was a very simple story with a very strong message. Meticulous planning combined with thorough preparation will position you on the winners podium.

Dick's coach, Arthur Lydiard, had given Dick a complete training plan, long distances and conditioning meant Dick was in peak physical condition. A race plan meant he had a mental plan for success. The gold medal speaks for itself.

By planning and preparing, success can be yours!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The death of the information age

I received this e-mail from Matt Church which I thought was worth sharing with you...

Dear Tony,

The ages so far…..

The Old Ages - Bronze, Stone, etc
The Agrarian Age - (Done)The Industrial Age - (Done)
The Information Age - (Done?)
The ……… Age - Starting

What is the next ‘Age' going to be called?

Some would want to call it the ‘Age of Transformation'. I think that's a stage ahead of its time. Others are calling it the ‘Age of Engagement'. We will find out soon enough I guess…

Here is my two cents worth!

I reckon we are entering the IDEA age, the ‘Age of Concepts'. With any piece of information one Google click away, who needs data any more? Not me. What I need is people who can create meaning, relevance and engage me to what the data means.

Matt Church

Monday, March 26, 2007

Get dancing at your next networking event

Do you give away business cards at networking events, but want to meet more people that you can do business with?

Take a "dance card" along to an event with you. Choose how many spots you want to fill and enter your available times on the card. As you meet people & make appointments, cross out that "dance" and find a partner for the next one.

Share the idea with others and before you know it everyone will be wanting to fill in their "dance cards".

Click here for an example (in Microsoft Word)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Making money from websites

I'm not giving up my day job yet, but I have made some money from my website by using adsense.

I did some research before deciding to use adsense and the process was intuitive.

If you have a website and wondering about putting some ads on it to make some money, do it. It costs nothing except a bit of time to insert some code which adsense will supply to you.

Don't expect to make a fortune straight away though!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mind mapping or brain storming

Using these tools are a great way to develop ideas.

I came across an online system that is easy to use (and no I don't get any money to endorse it - but if someone wants to pay me I'll do it!).

Click here to get started:

If you don't want to do it on-line that's fine - paper or a whiteboard works well too.

You can do it by yourself or use others to create synergy - and better ideas!

Happy mapping!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

CATS - the 9 lives of innovation

I attended Dr Stephen Lundin's workshop and enjoyed his practical, insightful approach.

Life 1 - CATS create a quiet mind - Create the necessary physical & mental space to allow creative energy flow.

Life 2 - CATS will always be prepared - Learn techniques to assist innovation. Check out or

Life 3 - CATS understand that innovation isn't normal - We are hardwired to follow routines & patterns, to be innovative we need to get outside the box.

Life 4 - CATS promote real provocation - What provokes or stirs you? What are the problems? Get somewhere different, new or even uncomfortable.

Life 5 - CATS promote imaginary provocation - Dream, think, ask why? Adapt? Modify? Magnify? Minify? Substitute? Rearrange? Reverse? Combine?

Life 6 - CATS say "How facinating" - when things fail. What can you learn?

Life 7 - CATS fail well - We grow & learn from failures. Perfect is the enemy of good enough - Meg Whitman, CEO, ebay

Life 8 - CATS pounce on change - By nature innovation = change. Go with the flow.

Life 9 - CAT wrangling - Support, foster, invite, tolerate, envision, strengthen

CAT belts. There are 5 cat belts to earn that will take you to become a lifetime master of innovation and allow you to use the term WHISKERS!

For Dr Lundin's own blog about this tour click here

Dr Stephen Lundin, PhD, author of FISH! & Top Performer

Today I had the pleasure of hearing this top author & public speaker share CATS - the nine lives of innovation.

In addition to the 9 lives, he shared his learnings on innovation:
  • The goal is to simplify, not complicate

  • Everything starts with an idea, then taking a risk, then the action

  • Mind mapping is a powerful tool

  • Innovative firms are playful & light-hearted

  • Innovation happens on the 'edge' (different disciplines getting together)

  • Be uncomfortable

  • Engaging with others builds energy

  • Use "provocation" to create energy

  • Mix with unlikely partners
Next blog: summary of CATS - the 9 lives of innovation

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sow the seed

I bought a new pair of running shoes a few days ago and the sales assistant used a very clever trick when describing a new pair of socks.

I've got socks - lots of socks! Why would I want another pair?

Apparently these socks had special moisture wicking properties and additional cushioning technology.

When I was out running a long run, I remembered what he said & with my damp, sore feet thought these new socks could be just what I "need".

By sowing this seed (new socks), allowing it to germinate (me thinking about it), he will be able to reap the harvest (when I buy them).

What seeds can you be sowing with your customers to upsell your product or service?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The magic of WHY

I have been phoned every week for the last month, asking for a voluntary blood donation. I don't mind giving blood, I just haven't given it a priority, until ...

The last time they rang I was told they needed the donation for a girl who was having an operation. Suddenly giving blood moved up my priority list because I felt that it was important, almost life and death important.

If you have customers who aren't buying, you probably aren't using the magic of WHY.

For example:
  • Your tyres/ tires need replacing because the next time it rains you face the risk of crashing.

  • This insurance will mean you don't have to wait for an operation if you get sick.

  • Putting this savings plan in place means you can live your retirement dreams.

  • This new pair of running shoes will save your knees from wearing out too soon.

Next time a customer says they'll think about it, or puts you off - back up & use the magic of WHY!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Work out what you do that makes the money

Where does your money come from?

What is the activity that brings you money in the door?

Sound simple? It is. If you know what you need to do right now that will earn you money - do it!

Unfortunately we all get caught up doing the unimportant stuff, but if you know what to do each day, each hour or each week that will increase your income, you can focus better.

The activity might be:
  • 3 selling appointments each day

  • 10 phone calls each hour

  • Writing 1 chapter each week

  • Delivering a presentation each day

  • Entering 1 page of data each hour

Get focused and get earning!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Do the work others hate to do

People are prepared to pay good money to avoid doing the work they hate.

This could be house cleaning, picking up doggy doo, mowing lawns, going shopping, washing cars, cleaning windows, ironing, computer maintenance, dog walking, rabbit hutch cleaning, house painting, washing, commercial cleaning... the list is endless.

If you are looking for pocket money ideas or even a full time job, have a look around and ask people what they don't like doing and you could uncover a gold mine!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Do one thing really well

You may have read Jim Collins' book (, Good to Great, in which he uses the fable about the hedgehog & the fox to illustrate this point.

A real life example is a New Zealand company that makes quality (field) hockey gear for goalies around the world ( When you think of the number of hockey teams, let alone the number of goalies, you wouldn't think there was much of a market. But these guys are the experts and have a HUGE market share of the global hocket goalie market. If you are a hockey goalie, you would want get your gear from these experts.

  • What is one thing you do really well?
  • What could you be seen as the authority of?
  • If someone wanted what you offer, would you be the first place they thought of?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Do what you love and love what you do

Most successful people find something that they really enjoy and then do it really well.
If you are talented or interested in something, why not make a career out of it, or develop your own business with the 'something special' at its core?

Life is far too short to keep doing something you're not passionate about, it's like being in a marriage with someone you don't love.

How do you find that something special?

  • Ask people.
  • Brain-storm ideas.
  • Look back at when you were happiest.
  • Try different things.

The most important piece of advice - Get off your backside and do it!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Med 2 go

Ever had a headache and need relief fast?

I went to the chemist & bought the smallest pack of pain killers and the smallest bottle of drink to wash it down. It cost me $6 and I have a drink I don't want to finish and pills I have to carry around.

How about a sachet (like a fast food ketchup sachet) or a small pottle of water with the dissolved medicine already in that I could buy for $2, use and then get on with my day? I'm sure it would be profitable and much more convenient!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sponsor and grow

An effective way to get your product in front of new potential customers is to support a charitable cause.

By co-branding your product with a charity, you can ask for a donation that will cover your manufacture cost and also allow the charity to make money.

An example might be a golf ball. Your charity might be the Prostate Awareness Society (target audience = golfers). You sell the ball for $5, with $2 from every sale going to the charity & $3 covering the cost of the ball.

Daughters & wives buy the ball (to encourage their Dad or husband to check their bits), the target audience tries it, likes it & buys more!

It feels good not just making money, but supporting a worthwhile cause!

The power of many

My daughter was looking at getting a job. Now she's thinking of setting up a company.

The job she was looking at paid $15 per hour.

I suggested she employ 10 people, charging their time at $20 per hour, pay them $15 per hour. That way she makes $50 per hour!

Sure there's some work involved employing 10 people, but the rewards are significant.

Whats up here?


I'm Tony and I come up with more orginal ideas than I know what to do with.

Often they're marketing or product ideas and they'll usually make money in the right hands.

Unfortunately I don't have the time or resources to make money out of them myself, so I thought I would put them on the net so they will get used and make someone rich. Who knows, they might even mention me in their "now I'm rich and famous speech".

Each week I'll come up with at least one new tip for TIP (Tony's Ideas Page).