Thursday, March 22, 2007

CATS - the 9 lives of innovation

I attended Dr Stephen Lundin's workshop and enjoyed his practical, insightful approach.

Life 1 - CATS create a quiet mind - Create the necessary physical & mental space to allow creative energy flow.

Life 2 - CATS will always be prepared - Learn techniques to assist innovation. Check out or

Life 3 - CATS understand that innovation isn't normal - We are hardwired to follow routines & patterns, to be innovative we need to get outside the box.

Life 4 - CATS promote real provocation - What provokes or stirs you? What are the problems? Get somewhere different, new or even uncomfortable.

Life 5 - CATS promote imaginary provocation - Dream, think, ask why? Adapt? Modify? Magnify? Minify? Substitute? Rearrange? Reverse? Combine?

Life 6 - CATS say "How facinating" - when things fail. What can you learn?

Life 7 - CATS fail well - We grow & learn from failures. Perfect is the enemy of good enough - Meg Whitman, CEO, ebay

Life 8 - CATS pounce on change - By nature innovation = change. Go with the flow.

Life 9 - CAT wrangling - Support, foster, invite, tolerate, envision, strengthen

CAT belts. There are 5 cat belts to earn that will take you to become a lifetime master of innovation and allow you to use the term WHISKERS!

For Dr Lundin's own blog about this tour click here


Dakota said...

Brilliant! Interesting way of thinking. Thanks for sharing!

Btw: the link to his blog isn’t working – “http” is in there twice :)

Tony said...

Thanks for letting me know!