Saturday, March 17, 2007

The magic of WHY

I have been phoned every week for the last month, asking for a voluntary blood donation. I don't mind giving blood, I just haven't given it a priority, until ...

The last time they rang I was told they needed the donation for a girl who was having an operation. Suddenly giving blood moved up my priority list because I felt that it was important, almost life and death important.

If you have customers who aren't buying, you probably aren't using the magic of WHY.

For example:
  • Your tyres/ tires need replacing because the next time it rains you face the risk of crashing.

  • This insurance will mean you don't have to wait for an operation if you get sick.

  • Putting this savings plan in place means you can live your retirement dreams.

  • This new pair of running shoes will save your knees from wearing out too soon.

Next time a customer says they'll think about it, or puts you off - back up & use the magic of WHY!

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