Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The death of the information age

I received this e-mail from Matt Church which I thought was worth sharing with you...

Dear Tony,

The ages so far…..

The Old Ages - Bronze, Stone, etc
The Agrarian Age - (Done)The Industrial Age - (Done)
The Information Age - (Done?)
The ……… Age - Starting

What is the next ‘Age' going to be called?

Some would want to call it the ‘Age of Transformation'. I think that's a stage ahead of its time. Others are calling it the ‘Age of Engagement'. We will find out soon enough I guess…

Here is my two cents worth!

I reckon we are entering the IDEA age, the ‘Age of Concepts'. With any piece of information one Google click away, who needs data any more? Not me. What I need is people who can create meaning, relevance and engage me to what the data means.

Matt Church

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