Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lesson from India about happiness

I just returned from an amazing holiday in Incredible India.

It was more than a holiday - it was an education.

The country has so many contrasts - rich & poor, beauty & filth, however it has an underlying message of tolerance & happiness.

One day I was staying in a palace watching a worker scare away pigeons. Yes, that was his full time job - banging a sheet with a stick to scare the birds. First I thought what a meaningless job it was, then I reflected on what he was doing. Walking around a 6 star garden, keeping it beautiful for the guests to enjoy. I have a feeling he took pride in what he achieved.

Another day we called on a village that looked like a shot from a Save the Children campaign. It was run down & dirty, however they were thrilled that we called in to meet them.

It reminded me that happiness is not about what I have, it's about how I choose to be.

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