Monday, September 14, 2009

Creating meaning

I gave blood the other day & thought it would be great if the Blood Donor Centre told the donors how the donation was used.

I would feel more motivated if I knew my blood made a positive difference in another person's life. It would create 'significance' for the donation.

This could be an automated e-mail that said something like:

Hi Tony

Thanks for taking the time to donate some of your valuable blood.

It was used to help a young burns victim.

We look forward to seeing you next month.

Stay healthy!


Dr ......


Lea White said...

Hello Tony,

Our 6 year old has just finished her treatment for leukemia. Her treatment stretched over 830 days. During this time Bianca required 47 blood product transfusions, and whilst I am not able to say who the blood product donors were whose donations we got, I can say that people like you made the world of difference to kids like Bianca. Thank you so very much for you willingness to help make a difference, we could not have done this without people like you!

Here is a blog entry that I did at the end of her treatment:

Keep well and thank you so much!

Lea White (Bianca's mum)

Sheldon (Marketing Consultant, Tauranga, NZ) said...

Good idea Tony! Imagine getting a text message in the middle of the night "your blood just saved the life of a motorcycle crash victim". Sends shivers down your spine, that does!

Tony said...

I like your thinking Sheldon. Lea's post just shows how much power is behind the simple act of giving blood, and if I knew how it helped I'm sure I would give more regularly.