Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Don't waste your money sending calendars to your clients, unless...

Do you send your client a calendar every year?

To maximise your investment in this marketing activity, buy a packet of gold star stickers (or similar) and do the following:

1. Put the star on a date in the calendar.
2. In the cover letter add "You may have noticed I have put a gold star on 12 March.  I will call you on this date to organise a convenient time to meet and discuss your ..."
3. Call the client on this date to grow your business.
4. Measure your success.

This approach does 3 things:
1. It creates an expectation with the client.
2. It makes you do what you say you will.
3. It reinforces your integrity when you do what you say you will.

This year invest in your calendars to create activity & deliver tangible results.

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