Wednesday, July 18, 2007

#8 Wire

New Zealand's early pioneers used number 8 fencing wire for their paddocks and also used it for a variety of other uses like gate latches, hooks, fixing cars and a variety of other uses.

New Zealanders today also embrace the number 8 wire mentality by being innovative and inventive. Coming up with new ideas using the tools at hand.

I love to embrace this mentality and making use and making do with what we have.


CONSUL said...

Wonderful pioneers mentality and good that it is followed in next generations.

I really liked the expression when you used it in my blog.

Susan956 said...

This is off this topic but I just looked through your Flickr images.. I tell almost have me wanting to hop on a plane (I'm terrified) and come to Wellington to see. But gosh you take some good images..the one that made me laugh though was of you and your family in the US (I think it was - with Mickey Mouse) and you all on the ride and all of them are huddled down and hanging on and there you are - arms thrown up into air and just full of exhilaration!! Whooo hoooo. I hate that kind of thing.. I am so the terra clutching Capricorn :) But..I think you are also aren't you??? I can't quite recall but goes to show if you are.

The furn unfurling pic is as good as any postcard pic of similar theme I've seen.

Susan956 said...

fern..not furn.

Tony said...

Thanks for your comments.

I'm a typical Pisces.

Where do you call home?

Susan956 said...

Sydney, Aus. I started a blog - simple, not sure how long I will keep it up but I found my way here via Kevin Robert's blog and then Consul's.