Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Paying for loyalty

Today I was told that I will need to pay $10 a year to retain my Whitcoulls loyalty card.

This seems like a really short-sighted decision, asking loyal customers to pay to be loyal!

Shouldn't Whitcoulls be paying me to be loyal to them?

I guess the penny-pinchers are trying to save some money - but at the cost of loyal customers ...

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Susan956 said...

I believe that's both a poor show in terms of graciousness and good manners and poor business practice. In essence they are asking you to pay for the card of course.Obviously if you are a good client and a repeat customer you should simply be recognised thus. I don't know the firm but I would be either sending their board a firm letter or doing this with my current card attached,

My son has a particular card and has been written to repeatedly by the said company asking if he would like that card. Finally getting fed up he rang the company and asked why he kept getting the approaches when he already has the item. He said that even on paper usage alone it was poor form. He was told to please recycle the paper (lord) and that if they took him off that particular promo he would be taken off the entire database and therefore would not receive updates and news etc. Ridiculous really.

I belong to Spotlight where I occasionally buy yarns. If you advise them of a change of address it can take 4 months for them to finally adjust. One presumes they do mailouts a LONG way ahead.

I kept getting mail from a charity group for an old resident and wound up repeatedly sending it back with the words "Please adjust your database and stop wasting your charity money on mailing this non existent person at this address". Four months later I still got them and simply started tearing them up.
What a resource shame.