Sunday, July 15, 2007

Smart or dumb?

Some time ago I worked out there are 2 types of people that I know.

The dumbest people I know think they know everything.

The smartest people I know realise how little they know.

Which are you?

As John Wooden, a basketball coach said:

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts"


CONSUL said...

Tony: Intelligent and interesting question, however based in principle on a subjective ego-answer.

My answer: I am what other think of me I am..

CONSUL said...

As a Kiwi you are, your opinion and or comments on my latest spot, would be highly appreciated.

Susan956 said...

"I am what other think of me I am.."

Well, a constructivist point of view but I could not assert that myself.

I actually think that many people think of us the way we portray ourselves. You know the old principle - that if you walk about with head hung low and acting the victim people will see you as a victim? Rather true I think.

CONSUL said...

I`m an average individual showing my sentiments openly that`s why I believe I am what others think of me I am.

When I`m depressed and walk with my head down people think I`m depressed because I always show my real state and the typical symptoms: the diagnostic isnot too complicated, in my person.

I cannot judge other persons, with other personalities, characters, behaviours, situations, etc.

They have to individually define the Smart or Dumb question Tony is proposing.

Susan956 said...

With no disrespect to Tony intended, isn't the answer fairly simple.. unless of course you challenge the proposition in either of the two statements. Then it may not be simple at all.

But prima facie as the current statements stand, the answer isn't complex

Susan956 said...

I had meant to add that I suspect the question was rhetorical anyway. Kind of like a vignette parable..the parable you have when you don't have a parable..or, as we would say here..a Clayton's parable :)

Tony said...

Congratulations. It was meant rhetorically.
Some old people I meet realise how little they know & are always in search of knowledge which is really neat.
I'm sure the world has more questions than answers.