Sunday, November 4, 2007

I blame the All Blacks

Things haven't been the same for me since the All Blacks lost to France and were sent home early from the rugby world cup.

Rather than accepting personal responsibility for what happened, maybe I should blame the All Blacks loss?

The reality is though, I went off the rails and got unbalanced and less organised. I'm not saying I was a complete disaster, but gradually various parts of my life began suffering.

Sometimes it seemed too hard to get back on track, because so many parts of my life felt out of balance, however by changing one small part of my life, the rest is starting to fall back in line again too.

I need to maintain balance and focus, not by blaming external factors (like the All Blacks), but by being personally accountable for my life.


Susan Plunkett said...

A very sombre post from you Tony. We must be in sync as I am feeling exactly the same although by way of an entirely different issue. I am finding myself struggling to feel 'ok' because of it and wish I could resolve. Like you, I'm trying to grab hold of one or two others things to 'do' to try and keep myself on a proper path.

Sigh and flop. :)

Tony said...

When I run I feel better physically, mentally and spritually. My goal is to run 3 times a week and use that as my foundation for holistic well-being.

I hope you find your foundation stones.

Susan Plunkett said...

I can't run but I used to get a similar feeling from swimming. I will be back in the water this week, even if I can't kick properly any more. I will just get power shoulders :)

Your article though shows how much a major country event (that one felt passionate about) can affect the psyche.

Tony said...

Hope your swimming helps you like my running is helping me!