Thursday, November 22, 2007

Memorable copywriting

I came across an extraordinary piece of written art that has been stuck in my mind since I saw it a few days ago.

It was in a blog entitled "I still wish I had written this" by Drew McLellan

If you have anything to do with advertising. marketing or the written word - I suggest you check it out.

Thanks Susan for the link.


Susan Plunkett said...

Hi. Yes, it was a very clever device indeed. I was almost grabbing that misty frame and trying to pull that last line up so I could capture it!
But such an unexpected twist. Honest and clever. Some great topics on that blog and a run of guest speaks at the moment. Gosh, an Aussie even got a look in today! :)

Tony said...

That's what I love about the interconnectivity of the net & the collaborative nature of on-line communities - uncovering gems that I would otherwise be oblivious of.

Thanks for the link Susan.