Monday, April 14, 2008

How much should be spent on marketing?

The amount doesn't actually matter, the fact there is a plan does.

According to Kevin Roberts from Saatchi & Saatchi, some of the most creative marketing is done on the lowest budgets .

Whether the marketing budget is $20 or $200,000, the creative juices get flowing. I am always amazed how much can be achieved with very little, and sometimes I am amazed how little is achieved with huge expenditure.

Where I live there is a well known Real Estate company called Tommy's. Tommy was telling me about his marketing where he gives away $1,000 every month. He hands out 10 x $100 notes each month to random people as he explains who he is & what he does. A great way to get people talking about him!

A business person paid $500 to sponsor the player of the day award for a whole season for an entire football grade.

I love good news marketing stories and seeing examples of simple sales successes.

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