Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lessons my kids have taught me #1

One of the best business lessons I was taught was at the end of our family holiday.

My 17 & 15 year olds decided a bungy jump at Taupo sounded like a good way to top off the holiday.

I thought if they can do it, I’m not too old to have a go (although I was upset I had to check the 41 to 64 year old box on the form).

It was an amazing sensation as I jumped off the platform & was thankful to the professionals who had secured me safely.

Afterwards there was a feeling that we really can do anything we set our minds to. The important steps are:
1. To set the goal
2. Work out how to reach the goal
3. Ensure the right team is in place to help reach the goal
4. Take the leap & get started on the goal

The lesson I learned was that I am capable of more than I thought.

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