Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A successful sales lesson

Like the bungy cord itself, which is made up of hundreds of small rubber strings bound together, the team at Taupo Bungy worked together to ensure a successful jump.

I can learn much from their smooth process that enabled me to achieve my goal of leaping off a platform 100's of feet above a river.

From the moment I stepped up to the counter, it was like a choreographed dance sequence. The guy behind the counter took my money, I signed the waiver & received an explanation that there was no refund.

When I got to the platform they rechecked my weight (in case I lost too much weight between paying my money & getting to the platform) strapped me in, double checked the binding and explained what would happen. They took me to the edge of the platform and it was as simple as smile at the camera, 3, 2, 1 BUNGEEEEEEEE.... and off I went.

Now, I expected them to ask me are you ready? Or are you sure? But they assumed that I paid my money, I wanted to bungy and their job was to ensure I achieved my goal.

How many times in sales do we get to the crunch question and the sale fails? I believe we would be more successful if we assumed that we are offering what the client wants and get on & do the business.

We can learn from this lesson and develop a process that ensures success from the start.

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