Saturday, February 16, 2008

Professional membership for Financial Advisors

On the 29th of February 2008, investment advisors in New Zealand will need to provide a Disclosure Statement before giving advice.

It's a good idea for advisors to be a member of a professional organisation.

There are a number of organisations to choose from. The links below take you to the membership application areas of each organisation.

Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (click)
Their website describes the organisation as the leading membership body for insurance and financial services professionals in the Asia Pacific region. Institute members belong to a community of more than 12,000 insurance and financial services professionals who are respected for their up-to-date skills and knowledge and integrity.

Institute of Financial Advisers (click)
The Institute of Financial Advisers' website states that they are the professional body for insurance advisers, investment advisers and financial planners. The Institute is an industry leader, representing over 1400 financial advisers throughout New Zealand.

Life Brokers Association of New Zealand (click)
Their website states that this organisation represents professional independent life insurance brokers in New Zealand and facilitates the professional development of life brokers and sets a standard of excellence within the industry.

Professional Advisors' Association (click)
According to their website, the PAA's primary purpose is to provide a full range of Professional Association services to its members (life insurance, investment and mortgage advisers).

Society of Independent Financial Advisors (click)
Their mission statement is to ensure members of SIFA provide the public with independent financial advice while upholding the highest professional and ethical standards.

In addition to these organisations, there are also industry bodies and associations.