Saturday, August 2, 2008

Book review: Advance to go - collect $1 million

I first heard about Kirsty Dunphey's story on a newsletter I subscribe to. I was intrigued to find out how someone so young could make so much money so quickly.

Kirsty's first book is a mix of her own story, her experience and the lessons she shares about being successful.

I found the writing style made the book easy to read. Including inspirational quotes, checklists for buying property and lessons on customer service made the book appealing to a broad range of readers.

What did I get from the book?
If I was starting in property investment or starting a business, the advice in the book is valuable as a starting point where Kirsty shares her experiences and techniques for success.

One of my favourite chapters included great marketing techniques that don't cost a bomb. She introduced me to a new acronym - RED (Rip-off, Expand, Duplicate) for finding something that already works for others. Examples of things that work include:
  • Hand-written thank you cards.
  • Recognising good service.
  • Remembering the wine drinkers.
  • Never forgetting the kids (or pets).
  • Delivering stress relieving pizzas.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for an inspirational story that had me wondering why I hadn't achieved what she had at the same age and then asking myself what's stopping me now?

I will be giving it to my kids to read!

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