Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free cure to overcome the embarrassment of being bald

It was devastating to be told that I was going bald at 17 years old. I sometimes wonder if it was the stress of this news that hastened the follicles being washed down the drain in the shower.

Being a teenager in the 80's I grew up wanting to be like Thomas Magnum from Magnum PI. It was difficult coming to terms that I was more likely to star as Higgins.

Although I had anticipated that I would inherit the baldness gene from my grandfathers, it was still difficult to come to terms with going bald. I tried a few home remedies which didn't work.

What changed was my attitude. Rather than hiding my baldness, I embraced it & cut my hair short. At one stage I shaved my head, but my pasty skin made me look ill, so I stick to stubble now.

I also chose not to use hair regrowth formulas or a wig or toupee. So (in my mind) I choose to be bald. Taking control of my baldness gives me a feeling of power & control. Rather than changing my head, I changed my attitude & feel comfortable with my baldness.

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