Sunday, September 9, 2007

7 Years Key Reflections

The University of Auckland Business School established ICEHOUSE in 2001 to provide education for owner mangers. Recently they brought their 7 key reflections from the last 7 years alive in a workshop.
  1. Back to basics.
    Using Jim Collins' Good to Great, they challenged participants to identify:
    a. What they are deeply passionate about.
    b. What they can be the best in the world at.
    c. What drives their economic engine

    They also asked us where we had spent most of our time in the last month - using the urgent/ important matrix.
  2. Getting to the heart of the matter.
    We were asked to do a business exercise based around:
    a. Winning
    b. People
    c. Passion
    d. Purpose

    We were also told about the need to confront brutal facts.
  3. It's lonely out there.
    We discussed the importance of conversations to:
    a. Share stories with like-minded people.
    b. Discuss problems.
    c. Explore dreams.
    d. Build confidence.
  4. Serious play.
    We shared ideas of making work fun and ensuring the owner manager knew how important their attitude was in determining the culture of the workplace.
  5. Outside in thinking.
    We were taught about perspective & reframing, also learning from the edge & blue sky thinking (rather than focusing on the competition).
  6. Making it happen.
    Setting and achieving goals will move the business forward.
  7. Tension of growth.
    Balancing profits day versus future growth.
    Balancing the person and the business.

Overall, I found the workshop useful and thought-provoking. I thoroughly recommend taking time out of the business to spend working on the business.


Susan Plunkett said...

I am intrigued by the conversations topic and I would add "conversations with oppositional people" purely because its generally challenge and not agreement that brings new life and ideas.

Tony said...

Good point. I often take an opposing view to test thinking and ideas. Like you I believe it brings better & more robust outcomes.

Susan Plunkett said...

Was there a suggestion about play you'd be prepared to adopt in your workplace? To be honest, I've often been appalled at how childish and twee activities along those lines have been at conferences I've attended but given it's some time since I 'conferenced' I'm hoping some maturity and class has kicked in :)

Tony said...

I like to think of play, like the fish mongers in the book FISH!

If I can bring a sense of play to work, it makes it fun.

There is a fine balance where workplaces can end up being a circus if its taken too far (which is fine if the job is being a clown).

Susan Plunkett said...

I have a vague memory of Fish. It is a Dr Seuss book?

Tony said...

You can check out to find out more about FISH! philosophy.

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