Friday, September 14, 2007

Getting "Buy-in"

Sometimes I hear people talk about getting "buy-in".

I believe "ownership" is much more powerful than "buy-in".

Ownership allows people the chance of creating something that they will own and ensure it succeeds.

Where possible give people the opportunity to "own" it.


Susan Plunkett said...

I've not heard of the term "buy in" before. Is it a term used by marketing people or..?

Susan Plunkett said...

Well, I have heard similar terms but they mean to purchase shares or part of a business.

Tony said...

The term "buy-in" is used to describe staff becoming engaged with a wokplace activity.

An example would be a manager who wanted staff to change a process. The manager would describe the rationale and outcomes in the hope of getting staff to "buy into" (or engage with) the new process.

Susan Plunkett said...

Oh, I know "to buy into" but I read that differently in your piece for some reason. Thanks.