Saturday, September 22, 2007

Protecting a brand

I think Kevin Robert's (from Saatchi & Sattchi) Lovemarks site is a great idea that engages many people through brands.

Lovemarks is also a good lesson in protecting a brand. I see that Kevin's PR company also own

I wonder how many companies proactively protect their brands and intellectual property in this way, or do they wait for an issue to react to?

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Susan Plunkett said...

This took me a few moments of orientation. Now I see the gist here. So, the PR company, perceiving that an anti-Lovemarks group could strike out with Hatemarks, licenced or bought or registered the Hatemarks url thus covering the base.

Very clever and astute. The site is itself confusing to me and is really a pleasant tablecloth over lots of ad links. Couldn't they have registered without actually setting a site up? Perhaps there is some pecuniary compensation for how they have done it.