Monday, September 10, 2007

Is "Good" only average?

98% of people say they are ‘good’ when asked ‘how are you?”.

In other words, people who say they are ‘good’ are really just average.

This week, have a week better that’s better than good.
Try using words like: ‘splendid’, ‘ideal’, ‘top-notch’, ‘pleasurable’, ‘unrivalled’, productive’, ‘brilliant’, ‘smashing’, ‘roaring’, the list is endless!

If you’re interested, my weekend was ‘world-class’.


Susan Plunkett said...

Reminds me of going to the Dr and them asking you how you are and you replying "fine" or "good" and then telling them about an ailment.

Your word list did make me smile. I can't imagine telling anyone I am "roaring". I thought of "roaring forties", "roaring lion", the ink blot test *grin*.

I appreciate your intent of course. Perhaps the fact you raised it is indicative of a certain societal malaise.

Susan Plunkett said...

Tony, could you drop me an email if its not too much trouble please? I couldn't locate an email addy for you. I presume you don't want to be spammed etc :) I don't one to spam you! I have an email on my blog. I think.

Tony said...

I had a person telling me they were 'good' when they just got diagnosed with cancer!

Sometimes I think 'good' is just saying 'I can't be bothered teling you how I really am because you don't really care anyway'

Susan Plunkett said...

Yes, it's become the clayton's term or "the word you offer when you're not using a word" :) You're not lying but you're not informing either.