Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brand or "bland"?

New Zealand has 7,701 SMEs per 100,000 of people (this is about twice as many as Australia) according to Lezlie Mearns from Maxim at Wellington's premier business event - Thrive.

She also challenged business owners to develop more meaningful vision statements rather than rolling out the usual cliched versions.

Lezlie suggested many businesses should rename their brand and refer to it as their "bland".

Company names should be:
  1. Meaningful
  2. Memorable
  3. Future-proof
  4. Visual
The graph above was to help business owners try and discover where they want their customers to see them. Where do your customers see you?


Susan Plunkett said...

I presume Ms Mearns was tongue-in-cheek re the 'bland' suggestion :)

Mind you, I am reminded of the phone number issue becoming problematic in certain countries - there are really no more number combinations to be had - hence needing to add codes or indeed offer alpha numeric combinations.

There are also similar comments about book/story themes vis there are no more themes to be had, simply new perspectives.

So..just how difficult will it become, functionally, for a business to arrive at a new name idea.

On an adjunct topic, one of the worst - and yet most informative - documentaries I have seen about consultancies and businesses being naive about them and their own capability was one shown here some years ago. A start up IT company spent $50K to a well known agency to develop a name for them. That agency did an appalling job. They arrives at a list of names that were entirely unsuitable and hadn't checked on copyright and so on. In the end the agency put up a piece of butcher's paper and asked the board of the new business for ideas. I would have taken them through the exercise and done better for $2K! :)

Tony said...

I've been involved with a few & $$$ doesn't always equal results.

The really good ones go right back to basics to discover values & unique selling propositions.

I've had a go with a few over the years with mixed results.

I don't know if Saatchi gets into rebranding. Do you know?

Susan Plunkett said...

Yes it does. But I only discovered that then by doing an appropriate search. Like the links?