Monday, May 7, 2007

Are you getting noticed?

It's hard work getting noticed with so many messages getting thrown at us every day.

Apparently we are exposed to 4,500 brands every single day.

Just sitting at my computer I ca see: Dell, HP, Sanyo, Seiko, Panasonic, Collins, Sky, Listerine, Vicks, Kodak, Shaeffer, Disney, Asteron, Dick Smith, Shell, Imation, Hoyts, Microsoft ... and that's just in half a metre - I probably need to clean up my desk too!

I received an e-mail today with the heading "Why I'm saying Thank You to you". I was keen to know what it was about (even if I knew it was probably spam).

If you can add intrigue and curiosity to your heading you are increasing the chance of it being read and your message being heard.

If you want to know more about copywriting, check out Sean's website:

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