Friday, June 29, 2007

Double your income

If you have time, you will double your income.

It's up to you whether it takes 25 years or 2 years.

According to Brian Tracy it is knowledge and skills that will take you on the expressway to success, rather than relying on experience & luck which will keep you on the back roads of mediocrity.

The secret is to get off the back roads and on to the expressway!


CONSUL said...

According to Brian Tracy, winners are action orientated and losers are excuse orientated.

I absolutely agree with Brian, this is a quote that should be taught at school, at university, at semenaries and as a header above your bed,on your desktop and everywhere!
Congrats with your blog.

CONSUL said...

Tony, your blog is very interesting. If you don`t mind, I`ll have a link on my blog to your page and you can ad my page on your favorites.