Monday, April 2, 2007

Idea for an ad

This idea for an advertisement has been going round my brain for a while.

Hopefully putting it on my blog will create space in my head for other stuff!

This could be used for running shoes or health related products.

1. As the runner tires he hears crickets. The humming turns to encouragement and cheering and the runner keeps going, feeling stronger. The tag line could be "Motivation surrounds us".

2. The runner hears the rain coming behind him and runs faster. They race to the end point, the runner wins, puts his hand in the air, facing the sky as the rain comes down. The tag line could be - rejoice in life! For a water bottle company it could read "Water is life - rejoice in life!".

If you know someone at an ad company, why not send them this link? Just let me know!

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