Thursday, April 5, 2007

Kevin Roberts for Prime Minister

Kevin has an enthusiasm for the ad business, that when combined with his passion for New Zealand (on the edge of the world) creates the foundation for a dynamic presentation, proposing that Wellington City is the Heart of the Edge of the World.

I had watched Kevin's Google video the previous night, and saw some repeats of timeless ads during his engaging discussion.

The highlights for me were:

Best one-liners
  • "Most cities are nouns - New York is a verb"
  • "It's about velocity & speed"
  • "Fail fast, learn fast, fix fast"
  • "If I haven't offended you yet, just wait"
  • "Revolution begins with language"
  • "There is no best - only better"
  • "World class is not good enough"
  • "We are looking for heroes, legends, myths & stories"
  • Action "I" words

    • Imagination
    • Insight
    • Intuition
    • Inspiration
    • Ignition

    The new economy


    • Information
    • Knowledge
    • Interruption
    • Permission
    • Experience
    • Attention

    We are entering the:

    • Attraction economy

    We are moving from:

    • Interruption to Engagement
    • "One to many" to "Many to one"
    • Reactive to Interactive
    • Investment to Involvement
    • Users to Inspirational consumers (Advocates)
    • Big promises to Intimate gestures
    • "Marketing at" to "Connecting with"
    • Consumers to People
    • Brands to Lovemarks
    • Irreplaceable to Irresistible

    What makes it irresistible?

    • Mystery
    • Sensuality (the 5 senses)
    • Intimacy

    Kevin believes we need to become story tellers. What's your story?

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