Monday, April 30, 2007

Who are YOU calling lazy?

I got an e-mail today accusing me of being lazy... the worst part was, he was right!

I bought Shameless Shamus' Persuasive Selling Skills programme and he sends me (along with his subscriber list) regular e-mails to help me in my role.

Today's e-mail suggested that calling clients to "Touch Base" or "Follow Up" was lazy & lame.


His assertion was that we should contact clients for a purpose.

I have been guilty of using these "excuses" at times and accept that it is lazy, lame and disrespectful. For this I apologise.

Being aware of shortcomings and areas to improve on is an important step on the growth path. Although I could have denied that it applied to me, I will grow and develop by taking feedback on board and using it to improve my skills and knowledge.

Next time you get feedback, think about it before dismissing it, it could be another step on your journey of learning!

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